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These are my talks, papers and articles freely available to read online — I’ll add to them as new items become available.  Some documents may take a few minutes to download.

Because She’s Worth It: The Natural Blonde from Grace Kelly to Nicole Kidman‘, Celebrity Studies, special issue on Blondes, November 2015. ISSN (print) 1939-2397; (online) 1939-2400.

Picturing Natacha Rambova: Design and Celebrity Performance in the 1920s’, Screening the Past 40, special dossier on Women and the Silent Screen (WSSVII 2013 conference), 15 September 2015. ISSN 1328-9756.

‘Text, Paratext and Subtext: Reading Mildred Pierce as Maternal Melodrama’SEQUENCE: Serial Studies in Media, Film and Music, 2.2, 2015. 

‘Dancing with Pixels: Digital Artefacts, Memory and the Beauty of Loss’, The Cine-Files 7, Fall 2014. Special issue on the video essay.

‘Close Encounters of the Open Kind: Open Source Academia’, In Media Res, 3 December 2014.

‘Word vs. Image: Making Mildred’s Kiss (2013)’, Reframe: The Audiovisual Essay: Practice and Theory in Videographic Film and Moving Image Studies, September 2014. Online open access journal.

‘Beyond adaptation: mirrors, memory and melodrama in Todd Haynes’s Mildred Pierce‘, Screen 54: 3, Autumn 2013: 378-387. (PDF)

‘Labours of love: in praise of fan websites’, Frames 1 (1), July 2012. Open access online journal of moving image studies.

Nicole Kidman, chapter one: Stardom, plus Index to book. (Sample chapter)

‘An American in Paris: Sofia Coppola and the new auteurism’, European Popular Culture Association Conference (EUPOP 2012), 11-13 July 2012, pp. 1-9. (PDF)

‘Why does Nicole Kidman undress in the opening shot of ‘Eyes Wide Shut’?, fashion>film  23 March 2012.

‘Nicole Kidman: back to nature’, Age Spots and Spotlights: Celebrity, Ageing and Performance, Birkbeck, University of London, 9 December 2011. (Audio)

‘Nicole Kidman: what a performance’, Professor Emerita lecture, University of Southampton, 15 November 2011. (PDF)

‘Transnational utopias: Baz Luhrmann and Australian cinema’, Transnational Cinemas 1 (1), 2010, pp. 23-36.

‘On memorialising Gainsborough Studios’, Journal of British Cinema and Television 6 (2), August 2009, pp. 250-55. (PDF)

‘Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette: a fashionable history’, University of Nottingham Ningbo, 23 October 2008. (Lecture and Slideshow)

‘Portrait of a Lady: Sofia Coppola’, Sight and Sound 16 (11), November 2006, pp. 36-40. (PDF)

‘No fixed address: the women’s picture from Outrage to Blue Steel‘, in Screening the Past: Memory and Nostalgia in Cinema (London and New York: Routledge, 2005), pp. 146-64.  (PDF)

‘The trouble with sex: Diana Dors and the blonde bombshell phenomenon’, in Bruce Babington (ed.), British Stars and Stardom: From Alma Taylor to Sean Connery (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2001), pp. 167-78. (PDF)

‘Costume and identity: fashion, fetishism and femininity’, chapter 3 in Fashioning the Nation: Costume and Identity in British Cinema (London: BFI Publishing, 1996), pp. 41-63, 122-27. (PDF)

‘Masculinity in crisis? Tragedy and identification in Raging Bull’, Screen 23 (3-4), Sept/Oct 1982, pp. 39-46. (PDF)

‘Duplicity in Mildred Pierce‘, in Women in Film Noir, ed. E. Ann Kaplan (London: BFI Publishing, 1998 [1978]), pp. 69-80. (PDF)

‘The point of self-expression in avant-garde film’, in Catalogue British Film Institute Productions 1977-78, (London: BFI Publishing, 1978), pp. 53-6. (PDF) (Original source)

‘Approaching the work of Dorothy Arzner’, in The Work of Dorothy Arzner: Towards a Feminist Cinema, ed. Claire Johnston (London: British Film Institute, 1975), pp. 9-18. (PDF)

‘The place of woman in the cinema of Raoul Walsh’, in Raoul Walsh, ed. Phil Hardy (London: Edinburgh Film Festival/BFI, 1974), pp. 92-109. With Claire Johnston.  (PDF)

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