Recent and upcoming events

September 2010: ‘Nostalgia for the Periphery: Postcolonial Memory in Baz Luhrmann’s Australia‘, Keynote lecture, SERCIA Memory in/of English-speaking Cinema conference at Besançon University, France.

March 2011: ‘Bonnie and Clyde: Moments in Time’, Plenary presentation, Film Moments book launch event at BFI Southbank.

November 2011: ‘Nicole Kidman: What a Performance’, Professor Emerita lecture at University of Southampton.

December 2011: ‘Nicole Kidman: Back to Nature’, Age Spots and Spotlights: Celebrity, Ageing and Performance symposium at Birkbeck, University of London.

July 2012: ‘An American in Paris: Sofia Coppola and the New Auteurism’, paper on Sofia Coppola’s authorial brand for EUPOP 2012 inaugural conference, London College of Fashion.

October 2012: ‘Mildred Pierce Remembered’, symposium on film, book and television versions of Mildred Pierce at Bristol University.

March 2013: Paper on performance and commodity auteurism at SCMS 2013, Chicago.

May 2013: Talk about Sofia Coppola at Linnaeus University, Sweden.

June 2013: Paper on Nicole Kidman’s performance style at Revisiting Star Studies conference, Newcastle University.

29 September 2013: Keynote lecture: ‘Natacha Rambova: Designing Culture, Staging Exoticism and Performing Identity in the 1920s’ for Women and the Silent Screen VII: Performance and the Emotions conference at Melbourne University, Australia.

9 November 2013: talk: ‘Natacha Rambova: Designing Culture, Staging Exoticism and Performing Identity in the 1920s’ for day event Inspirations: A Celebration of Pam Cook’s Work in Film Studies at University of Southampton.

3 June 2014: talk: ‘Paratext and Subtext: Reading Mildred Pierce as Maternal Melodrama’ for Maternal Melodrama symposium at University of Kent.

8 October 2014: research seminar paper: ‘Paratext and Subtext: Reading Mildred Pierce as Maternal Melodrama’, University of Sussex.

20 April 2015: talk: ‘Dancing with Pixels: Digital Artefacts, Memory and the Beauty of Loss’, University of East Anglia.